Welcome to MPC3

MPC3 is an innovation-focused consultancy that supports high growth potential businesses allowing them to fulfill their potential. Specialising in the renewable energy sector and growth throughinnovation within more traditional sectors MPC3 has a record of achievement. The company has worked for a diverse range of clients including SMEs, Universities, major multinationals and regional, national and EU level government agencies.

MPC3's team of experienced and professional staff is practiced across a range of sectors, from knowledge management to manufacturing, sales, logistics and financing. Their mission is to leverage growth by finding innovative solutions and opportunities for your organization.

  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Manufacturing Strategy and Practice
  • Science, Technology and Engineering
  • Management Development and Coaching
  • Sales Development
  • Marketing and Customer Support
  • Supply Chain Development and Positioning
  • Grant funding and Support
  • Project delivery and Change Management

At all levels MPC3 is a key partner helping your organization achieve its goals. The focus is always on project implementation, delivery and value creation. By making contact today we can begin the process of supporting your organization.